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Are you having trouble on how to choose the perfect scent?
Do you know that, your body chemistry reacts to the special scent that can make you more attractive and confident?
Our ICONIC PRINCESS FREESIA is made of and using the Top 5 Scents in the World! Very elegant, fresh scent and the most important thing, it conveys love, friendship, trust, and innocence.
Princess Freesia Fragrance reminds you the love, the loyalty and the strong friendship you have with your love ones.
And that’s what we call.. THE BEST SCENT, for you!


Princess Freesia

Get to know Med And Kate

What is Med and Kate?

Med And Kate is a Perfume Brands that aims to make luxury affordable for everyone. Through our online platform, you can shop for quality products direct from top factories/Laboratory without any markup.

Where do we import the raw material?

Med And Kate understand how much the scents meant to everyone, the raw material is import from PARIS.The perfume is premium quality.

How Many hour can the Perfume Last?

The Perfume can Last to 10-12 hours from the first spray.However the more spray it is,the stronger scent it would stay.

How is the scents smell like?

It smell comfortable- freesia(Flora) elegant like a princess.

Med And Kate

Born from a passion and obsession with fragrances.
The “Med & Kate Perfumes” is the result of a dream of a couple Medwin and Kate Lotivio. Born from their renowned enthusiasm, passion, vision and love for the fragrance, the couple set off on a journey that resulted in planting a small seed within the perfume industry with a global vision and mission that consist of high ethics and quality that would enrich and deliver the magic of unique perfumes worldwide.

The Premium brand “Med & Kate Perfumes” vision is not just to make the company successful, but to provide the tools for success to everyone associated or affiliated with Med&Kate Perfumes and to reach the world market by creating a unique retail venture opportunity.

The brand pushes the boundaries of luxury Fragrance. Since its establishment in 2020, the brand has offering online shopping on its website MEDANDKATE.COM now available in Asia Pacific, the Middle East.